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3 Important Benefits of Fenugreek

When it comes to natural testosterone supplements, Fenugreek is an ingredient that you will see on just about every nutrition label you encounter. The reason it is so commonly used is because it has been clinically proven to improve the sex life as well as the physique of users through increased testosterone levels. You can’t argue with clinical proof, which makes it hard for manufacturers not to include Fenugreek in their formulas.

1. Elevated Free Testosterone Levels

All men are likely to experience a decrease in testosterone levels at some point in their lives. For most, this decrease begins after their twenties and only gets worse as they continue to age. The most common solution used to be testosterone replacement therapy, but these days the most popular solution to Low T (low testosterone levels) is natural testosterone supplements.

Fenugreek is the perfect example of a natural supplement that is beginning to take the place of hormone therapy, which is a process that involves prescriptions, injections, and weekly doctor visits. Several natural ingredients (Fenugreek included) have been shown to produce just as significant of an effect on free testosterone levels as hormone therapy produces. 

It is for this reason that men have been switching to natural supplements lately…if you can get the same results in a safe and natural manner by taking a few capsules every day, why would you choose prescriptions and injections over supplements?

2. Increased Muscle Mass

The early studies done on Fenugreek showed that most men were able to increase their muscle mass while also decreasing their body fat percentage rather early on. In most cases, after about 6 weeks of Fenugreek use combined with regular exercise, many men reported significant improvements in muscle mass.

Some bodybuilders take Fenugreek straight because of the early studies that were done showing the effect it can have on muscular growth. It seems that not only does it encourage a more muscular physique, it may also actually speed up the rate at which muscles are able to grow in certain individuals (likely a result of the way it effects testosterone levels).

3. Enhanced Sexual Health

While the early studies on Fenugreek were mainly related to muscle growth and bodybuilding, later studies were done to see what kind of effects it had on sexual health in men. Often times, ingredients that have been proven as testosterone boosters can be very beneficial for guys who are having issues in the bedroom or simply want to improve their sex lives.

One particular study that was done on men using Fenugreek showed that 30% of the men using it reported that their sex life had improved significantly after only 6 weeks of use. This study was pretty groundbreaking and encouraged manufacturers to include Fenugreek in male enhancement products as well as testosterone boosters.

Fenugreek has been shown to be so beneficial in terms of sexual benefits that this ingredient is included in both testosterone boosters AND male enhancers, making it one of the best testosterone supplements for men over 50 since older men tend to have more issues with sexual health than younger men.

If you’re looking for a T booster or a male enhancement supplement, keep an eye out for this ingredient…if you don’t see it on the nutrition label, then you may want to look for a different supplement.

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